Termo Projects – Rubiales, Llanos, Petróleo, Proyectos, Servicios & EBR

SoEnergy overcame financial, logistical and technical challenges to boost oil production in a rural area of Colombia through our Power as a Service model.


    Termo Projects - Rubiales, Llanos, Petróleo, Proyectos, Servicios & EBR


    Meta, Colombia


    Oil & Gas


    Crude Oil


    165,7 MW


Crude in Colombia was very heavy and needed to be pumped out through a water pumping system that demanded a vast amount of power. The ratio between water and crude was very high (over 95%) and required a large amount of power (1MW per 1,000 barrels of oil production). The location is very remote, not interconnected with the national grid. The target crude production was to reach up to 200,00 barrels per day, oil prices were high at the time, thus a solution had to be delivered quickly.

SoEnergy Solution

SoEnergy provided a CapEx free solution for this greenfield power construction and operation project. We structured a BOMT (Build, Operate, Maintain and Transfer) type of contract, risk free to the Customer, engineered to deliver quality and reliable power to reach the targeted levels of production. The BOMT was converted to an operation & maintenance contract afterward. We solved important logistical challenges in term of transport, handling of communities in rural areas and overall permitting, keeping the fast-tracked project on schedule. We handled all the financing through IFC and complied to all environmental and communities’ requirements.


The total capacity installed exceeds 160MW reaching the overall objective of 200,000 B/D production. The Customer was able to dedicate 100% of the budget to Oil & Gas production without having to deal with any technical, logistical and financing challenges.

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