Petrotal – Bretaña Field – Lote 95, Perú

When an oil and gas producer needed quick, reliable power for a remote well site, we knew that a mobile power plant would be an ideal solution. SoEnergy developed a 100% portable, modular power plant that runs on untreated crude oil.


    Petrotal – Bretaña Field - Lote 95, Perú


    Requena Province, Loreto Region, Perú – South America


    Oil & Gas


    Crude Oil


    8.81 MW (ISO)


Petrotal needed an 8.8 MW power plant solution for an oil production facility located in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. The customer had access to crude oil. However, it was extracted directly from the oil well with minimal treatment: only the separation of gas, water, salts and sediments. The customer's remote location posed numerous challenges. For one, the power solution would need to be able to withstand a harsh environment without reliability issues. Because the location did not allow for extensive construction work, the solution would need to utilize as many prefabricated components as possible. This would not only reduce the transportation of tools, materials and personnel to the site, but would also help meet the project's tight timeline. Because the solution would power oilfield production, the customer demanded the best engineering and highest quality equipment. It selected SoEnergy based on our track record for delivering customized turnkey solutions for remote oil and gas operations.

SoEnergy Solution

From the moment we consulted with the customer, we knew that a mobile power plant would be an ideal solution. Working through our subsidiary in Perú, Ferrenergy S.A.C., SoEnergy proposed a 100% portable, modularized power plant with all the equipment required for a fully autonomous, automated operation. Our solution features heavy duty generator sets and auxiliary equipment, all suitable for continuous operation with HFO and crude oil. In our fully containerized power plant, all mechanical, electrical and control equipment is installed in seaworthy 20 ft and 40 ft containers. All piping lines were also built in a modular fashion, which allowed it to be bolted together in the field quickly. Inside the piping modules, cable trays connect all the equipment electrically. With the installation phase nearly complete, SoEnergy is now spearheading the project's commissioning. Despite its complexity and tight timeline, the project is on schedule. Our customer has requested more 4 MW in additional generators for incremental oil production this year--just one sign of our partnership's success.


SoEnergy tapped into its engineering expertise and ingenuity to create a customized portable, modular 8.81 MW power plant using untreated crude oil.

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