Gran Tierra – Costayaco 12MW

SoEnergy's customized solution transformed flared gas into 12MW of reliable, efficient electric power for a remote location unable to rely on the national Colombian grid.


    Gran Tierra


    Villagarzón, Putumayo - Colombia


    Gas Flare Capture, Oil & Gas


    Flare Gas


    12 MW


One of Gran Tierra's gas sources was located in a remote jungle area. Equipment access was only possibly by helicopter, and the client couldn't rely on the national power grid for its power generation. It needed a reliable solution. The company was flaring its associated gas from oil production, emitting greenhouses gases and, as a result, paying significant fines. The client's associated gas had traces of water (H2O), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2). It also had a significant concentration of heavy hydrocarbons, up to C12, with high calorific value. With conventional technologies alone, this gas would not be suitable for power generation. The gas from one of the locations was 14km from the main center of energy consumption, which represented another challenge for using the flared gas to power Gran Tierra's remote jungle site.

SoEnergy Solution

SoEnergy designed and supplied a power generation plant that uses 100% of the client's flared gas to produce electricity for all production facilities—taking taking care of the entire oil field process. Our first step was designing a customized treatment system. This system converted flared gas into two different sources of fuel, then conditions them so that they meet the factory requirements for the engines and turbines in SoEnergy's fleet. In addition to our mobile gas treatment and conditioning system, SoEnergy designed equipment able to be transported via helicopter and engineered a collection system that adapted to the variety of gases in the field. Our engineers also designed and supplied VRUs that cleaned and compressed the gas, and transported it through the gas pipeline to the main consumption center. Taken together, this turnkey solution delivered a reliable energy supply that utilized 100% of the client's flared gas. SoEnergy's power solution produces 12MW of electric power, providing the client with reliable, efficient power generation using a solution that optimizes the technical resources available. In addition to supplying the power, the SoEnergy team manages operations and maintenance under our Power as a Service model.


Through SoEnergy's Power as a Service model, Gran Tierra achieved a customized turnkey power generation solution that utilized 100% of its flared gas to supply 12MW of reliable electric power to a remote jungle site.


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