Ecopetrol Castilla 30 MW

SoEnergy partnered with Ecopetrol to build Latin America's first large-scale portable LPG power generation plant—a feat that delivered 99% power reliability and 97% plant ability at a competitive cost.




    Castilla la Nueva, Meta - Colombia


    Oil & Gas, Production




    32 MW


Located at the end of the distribution circuit, Ecopetrol's operation was experiencing instability in the electrical parameters of voltage and frequency. These variations triggered load losses that, in turn, affected its hydrocarbon production. Meanwhile, the client had added electric load for the injection of water into the reservoir using electric pumps. This new load profile was not supplied. The client had both diesel and LPG available. It needed 28MW of power as quickly as possible and at a competitive rate. Because of the region's fuel availability, pricing was a key challenge. LPG is composed of 50% butane and 50% propane. Because of its liquid state, LPG is highly volatile, with a calorific value higher than natural gas. The fuel is in a gaseous state at room temperature but is kept in a liquid state when stored at a certain pressure. SoEnergy's project with Ecopetrol would represent the first large-scale portable LPG power generation plant in Latin America.

SoEnergy Solution

SoEnergy has more than 23 years of experience using turbo-generators for industrial applications in the oil and gas sector worldwide. We possesses in-depth knowledge of our mobile turbo-generator fleet's performance and capabilities. Drawing from this expertise, we designed an LPG plant that would use turbines to ensure the customer's electrical system achieved reliability and stability. Our engineers completed a rigorous analysis alongside the equipment factory to ensure we used the most economic fuel and converted the equipment in record time. A highly flexible power solution, our electric power generation plant consisted of turbogenerators that use LPG to create electrical energy. SoEnergy supplied all the engineering, main and auxiliary equipment, logistics, civil works, installation, commissioning, startup, operation and maintenance of the plant. This turnkey solution was delivered in record time with mobile equipment, taking into account the power variations of the field. In the first stage, the electric power was delivered with five turbogenerators producing 20MW. This was subsequently expanded to eight turbogenerators at 32MW. Latin America's first large-scale portable LPG power generation plant, our solution delivers 99% reliability and 97% plant availability. Our original power supply contract has been extended from 17 months to 6 years. Due to the success of our partnership and growing demand, Ecopetrol has requested a power plant expansion, to be completed by the end of 2020. As SoEnergy works to execute this expansion, we continue to provide the power generation plant's supply, operations and maintenance so that the customer can focus on growing its business.


SoEnergy helped Ecopetrol build Latin America's first large-scale portable LPG power generation plant. Delivered under our Power as a Service model, the solution provides 99% power reliability and 97% plant ability at a competitive cost. As demand for oilfield energy continues to grow, SoEnergy is partnering with Ecopetrol on both expansion efforts and the day-to-day operation and maintenance of its LPG power plant.


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