Chiquillo Project P-135

Ocensa, a Colombian Oil & Gas company owns the longest crude oil pipeline in Colombia. It starts on the Cusiana and Cupiagua oilfields and runs to Coveñas on Colombia's Caribbean coastline. Ocensa was working on an expansion of the pipeline enhancing its capacity from 575,000 b/d to 745,000 b/d.


    Chiquillo Project P-135


    Antioquia, Colombia


    Oil & Gas


    Crude Oil


    30 MW


Ocensa needed to expand the capacity of the longest crude oil pipeline in Colombia, which starts on the Cusiana and Cupiagua oilfields and runs to Coveñas, located on Colombia's Caribbean coastline. This topography posed key challenges. The project area had poor access to local roads, many hills and was surrounded by an abundance of mountains. Despite this challenging terrain, the customer required a solution with extremely high standards of reliability and availability.

SoEnergy Solution

SoEnergy's customized solution utilized pipeline crude to deliver 30MW of power to feed the booster pumping station in a remote rural, hilly, non-interconnected area. Executing this solution required our team to shave one of the mountains, which involved tremendous engineering and construction efforts. SoEnergy was the only awarded company able to meet the project's rigorous timeline, and we fulfilled this promise by delivering on-time construction. Although SoEnergy did not handle the financing of this project, we did provide the turnkey EPC followed by O&M for 3 years.


By partnering with SoEnergy, Ocensa not only achieved on-time construction but also secured reliable power in a challenging remote location. Due to the success of this engagement, SoEnergy was awarded contracts for four more pumping stations, outperforming the competition in terms of time and availability on each project.

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