Petrochemical and Refineries

Fuel the construction of your facility with SoEnergy’s fast-tracked power generation solutions

Reliable Power for Downstream Facility Construction

When you’re constructing a downstream facility, reliable power is key. SoEnergy delivers fast-tracked bridge power to support the construction of world-class refineries and petrochemical facilities.

SoEnergy’s Power as a Service model delivers key benefits for refineries and petrochemical facilities. Our flexible Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) contracts deliver customized power without a dollar of CapEx. Because we own an extensive fleet, we install reliable portable gas generators or turbines within just weeks. We use our fuel- and technology-agnostic approach to select the best technical solution and fuel type for your construction project—including power generation from residual hydrocarbon. No matter your power requirements, our reliable, turnkey solutions enhance efficiency and lower costs.

You run your business. We power it. And there’s no CapEx required.

Complex Solutions,


Lower Costs

Optimize your cost per kWh by utilizing residual hydrocarbon and other cost-saving solutions

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduce your construction project's carbon emissions without sacrificing your bottom line

Reliable Short-Term Power

Secure reliable bridge power solutions in just weeks

Agility and Urgency

Partner with a power provider that uses its robust infrastructure and financial strength to move quickly

Progress Without CapEx

Use SoEnergy's PaaS model to secure a customized solution without CapEx





    Paramaribo, Suriname






    14.8 MW

Solution Offering

  • Portable Gas Generators and Turbines

    SoEnergy's fast-tracked temporary power solutions provide reliable power during the construction of your refinery or petrochemical facility.

Alternate Solution


Also known as propane or butane, LPG is a popular fuel for operators seeking a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to diesel or HFO. Whether you have LPG not being used to its full potential or want to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance, trust SoEnergy to deliver a customized, simplified LPG solution.

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As sustainability becomes increasingly tied to profitability, more well completions operations than ever are exploring LNG as an alternative to diesel or HFO. Our customers are using SoEnergy's simple or combined cycle applications to reduce their carbon footprint, lower costs and avoid the price volatility associated with other fuels.

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Easy install. Quick adjustments based on your true power needs. These are just a few of the reasons why industrial operations utilize diesel for temporary power.

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