Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Tap into the power of customized LPG solutions that enhance output, savings and sustainability

Increase and Optimize Your Output

Commonly known as propane or butane, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) has become a popular fuel for operators seeking a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to diesel or HFO. Whether you have LPG that’s not being used to its full potential or want to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance, trust SoEnergy’s experts to deliver a customized, simplified LPG solution.

SoEnergy is the only company in the world that provides portable power generation solutions based on 100% LPG. With decades of expertise, SoEnergy is a global leader in LPG power generation for oil and gas companies and utilities. Whether your specifications merit 5MW or 500 MWs, our engineers deliver customized power generation equipment to meet your needs. We leverage our world-class engineering skills to treat and convert associated gases into LPG. For customers seeking an alternative to diesel or HFO, we leverage a simple or combined power cycle application to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy costs. Our oil and gas clients are using LPG solutions to optimize their gas flare capture, and as an enhancement to their simple cycle power generation.

Complex Solutions,


Optimize Operations

Leverage SoEnergy's customized LPG solutions to increase your power output, enhance efficiency and lower your cost per kWh

Temporary or Long-Term

Choose a temporary or permanent HFO solution based on your operation's power requirements

Progress Without CapEx

Use SoEnergy's Power-as-a-Service model to achieve a customized HFO solution without CapEx

Turnkey Capabilities

Focus on running your business as our seasoned engineers oversee installation, management, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 OEM support

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