Loss of mining power generation during production results in the most troubling word in the industry: downtime. The frustrations of mines sitting idle often leads decision makers to seek their organization’s own customized mining power generation solution. Yet thin margins, market uncertainty and tricky site access pose challenges to obtain the optimum mining power generation solution – one that avoids CapEx.

SoEnergy, which has assisted industries across categories and geographies for two decades, has a working method that creates Power as a Service (PaaS) solutions without your organization putting considerable resources up front. Here’s a closer look at how we work.

Build, Operate, Maintain, Transfer (BOMT)

In the past, industry had to use considerable CapEx to build, install, operate and maintain its power generation. Today, SoEnergy’s express PaaS model, known as BOMT, shifts the paradigm to an agreement where we construct, operate and maintain your solution for a customized length of time, limiting your risk for as long as you choose. There are four parts to our BOMT model, and here they are in order of execution:

1. Build 

When SoEnergy first meets your team, we begin by talking with your leaders in production, engineering, transport, permitting, etc. We listen to your unique scenario from every perspective. We ask critical questions, including:

  • What kind of fuel would best generate power for your site? SoEnergy has an array of diesel and solar portable power solutions for your consideration.
  • When must the solution go online? We are at the ready even if time is short.
  • Are there concerns in your local community that need to be addressed? We have the expertise to discus them.
  • What environmental policies are mandated? Our regulatory team can handle the challenges.

2. Operate

Using PaaS, you don’t have to onboard additional operations personnel. An experienced crew from SoEnergy will provide your mining power generation as part of your agreement.

3. Maintain

You’re well aware of power related maintenance costs on your mining site, which are costly enough as it is. However, your mining power generation upkeep costs are built into your agreement. Amortized over time, SoEnergy works to control your PaaS costs from every angle.

4. Transfer

SoEnergy will continue to manage your solution until you decide you’re ready to take over yourself. This transfer of responsibility can be built into your agreement from the beginning.

The Solution Begins With You

To make your mining power generation as risk-free as possible, SoEnergy continues to maintain your solution for as long as you wish. You pay nothing at the start of your agreement. You pay only once mining power generation begins, regardless of the building or any other challenge. Our BOMT model limits your liability while providing the flexibility to get your mining production up and running.

SoEnergy team members stand by, ready to begin a no-cost consultation to determine your mining site’s power generation needs and a practical solution. Contact us to take the first step toward longer production without CapEx and at minimal risk.