Flare Gas Recovery System

SoEnergy’s flare gas recovery system converts flared gas into reliable, cost-saving fuel for your Permian and Bakken Shale operations

Turn Flared Gas INTO POWER

The Oil and Gas Industry’s Growing Gas Flare Challenge

Gas flaring has significant implications for both the environment and a company’s bottom line. In 2018, gas flaring doubled in the Permian Basin, with an estimated $1 million per day of natural gas being burned off rather than utilized. In North Dakota’s Bakken Shale, which flares more gas than any other area in the nation, drillers produced 2.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day in March 2019. Roughly 20% of it was flared; that’s enough to heat every home in the state for one month, 10 times over. It’s also significantly above the state’s 12% limit. Meanwhile, oil and gas companies continue to invest heavily in power generation, tying up precious CapEx as they struggle to solve the gas flare challenge.

Flare gas recovery systems have become a popular solution for e-fracking teams. However, flare gas composition often includes traces of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and even heavy hydrocarbons. Conventional technologies alone are unable to turn flared gas into fuel suitable for power generation. Without a reliable, cost-effective flare gas recovery system, oil and gas operators will continue to face the environmental and business consequences of flaring. With SoEnergy, a proven flare gas recovery solution has finally arrived.

The Flare Gas Recovery System That Powers Oil and Gas Operations

SoEnergy has a long track record for converting flared gas into reliable, cost-effective power. Oil and gas teams are using SoEnergy’s flare gas recovery system to lower their carbon footprint, reduce their headcount and streamline their costs without incurring unnecessary risk.

SoEnergy’s flare gas recovery systems are customized from beginning to end. Our treatment and conditioning systems transform even the toughest flare gas compositions into power generation-ready fuel. For operations in a remote or harsh environment, So Energy leverages extensive logistics and engineering support to simplify, and solve, the challenge. Our flare gas recovery systems offer the reliability, cost savings and efficiency that today’s oil and gas landscape demands.

Flare Gas Recovery Without Capital Expenditure

In a market where operators are under increased pressure to reduce costs, a SoEnergy partnership is a game-changer. Our flare gas recovery system significantly reduces our customers’ power generation costs. And we deliver this customized solution under a Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (BOOM) contract that’s fueled by ingenuity, not CapEx. Our Power as a Service model is ideal for oil and gas companies that want to reap all the benefits of a customized flare gas recovery system without the capital expenditure. No matter the energy market’s dynamics, SoEnergy delivers significant operational savings for oil and gas companies.

PaaS is game-changing power generation strategy, and it’s only possible with SoEnergy. You run your business. We power it. And there’s no CapEx required.

Complex Gas Flare Solutions,


Lower Energy Costs

Optimize your cost per kWh by using flared gas instead of expensive fuels such as diesel and HFO

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduce the environmental hazards of flaring and showcase your company's stewardship without sacrificing your bottom line

Portability and Repeatability

Achieve a solution that's 100% e-fracking compatible, repeatable at scale and customized to your operational environment

Enhanced Efficiency

Boost your operational efficiency by transforming associated gas into a reliable, cost-effective power generation solution

Progress Without CapEx

Use SoEnergy's Power as a Service model to achieve a customized flare gas recovery system without CapEx

Turnkey Capabilities

Focus on running your business as our seasoned engineers oversee installation, management, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 OEM support

Flare Gas Recovery Projects for the Oil and Gas Industry


    Gran Tierra


    Putumayo, Colombia


    Gas Flare Capture, Oil & Gas


    Flare Gas


    17 MW

The Latest Advancements in Flare Gas Recovery

Gas flaring has long been a challenge for the oil and gas industry. But the exponential rise of gas flaring has also ushered in solutions that change the game for oil and gas operators.

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