"Elcatex is very satisfied with the professionalism and performance shown by Energy International,Inc. during the whole process and will recommend them without hesitation for similar projects."

- Jesus Juan Canahuati, General Manager, Elcatex

"Both civil and electromechanical work was performed on time and of a very high quality, and GRENLEC will not hesitate in recommending HMV for the execution of work similar to that performed in our power station."

- Vernon Lawrence, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Grenada Electricity Services Limited

"We confirm that Energy International is a reliable company, with a high level of responsiveness, efficiency and agility to respond to the demand for emergency Bridge power."

- Juan Chavez, Administrador de Contrato, Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador Celec EP

"Declaramos que a la fecha la compañía Energy International he cumplido satisfactoriamente sus obligaciones contractuales adquiridas con en ICE desde el inicio del proyecto y consideramos que es una compañía confiable, eficiente y ágil para responder con este tipo soluciones de Energía Temporal de emergencia."

- Ing. Luis Diego Salas Madrigal, Administrador del Contrato Plant Alquilda San Antonio, ICE

"Civil and electromechanical work for both Calderas and Guápiles power plants were executed by Energy International with the highest quality work and on a timely basis and within budget. We would highly recommend Energy International as a good choice for the execution of a project similar to those completed at our plants."

- Henry Arroyo Q, General Manager, Grupo Pujol-Martí Power Supply, S.A.

"La calidad del servicio hasta ahora prestado por Energy International Corporation ha side excelente con el desarrollo del contrato suscrito en ambas partes."

- Fernando Asenjo, Gerente Proyectos, Pacific Rubiales Energy

"Energy International have proven to be responsive, efficient and reliable in the execution of the services of providing bridge power generation capacity and energy to the Cyprus System."

- Antonis Patsalis, Executive Manager Generation, Electricity Authority of Cyprus