HFO, a Low-Cost Fuel Option in Quick and Portable Energy Solutions

This type of fuel is a residual product that is obtained when petroleum is filtered. The quality depends on the source chosen for refinement. To achieve specific characteristics and different quality levels, the fuel is mixed with other lighter ones.

The fact that HFO is a by-product makes this type of fuel more economical than others. It is one of the fuel types in temporary and permanent energy solutions provided by SoEnergy.

By choosing HFO as a permanent option there are no CAPEX requirements or big initial investment. Installation and mobilization costs can be paid off easily without major impact on the monthly energy fee.

On the other hand, when this option is chosen to generate temporary energy no EPC is required, which will speed up the installation schedule so that the process only takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

On the financial aspect, a temporary HFO plant of 20 MW could produce savings of $31 Million over 2 years compared to a plant of similar capacity operated on diesel.

Because of its economic potential and the easy installation process, HFO is an ideal fuel option that will generate operational savings between 20% and 34%, depending on the location where it is installed.


Document temporary generation with HFO for Latin America- Sustainable, fast, efficient and low-cost.